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Going Within (Part ll): What Meditation Is and Is Not

As I shared in my previous article, Making Spirituality Practical, there were many terms that I heard through my spiritual quest that confused and confounded me. One term, going within, was explained in a previous blog. In this blog, I will address another term: meditation.

As I was seeking ways to become more deeply connected to God and my own Soul / God Within, others kept telling me that I needed to meditate. When I asked them how to do this, they usually replied, “You just meditate.”

Well, that was helpful—NOT!

Looking back, I can clearly see that I was longing to experience more inner peace and tranquility. However, being told what to do rather than being guided and taught how to do it, I was further removed from my goal. So, instead of obtaining inner peace, I experienced more frustration, infuriation, anger, and even feelings of inferiority. I thought I was missing something—lacking to some degree—as I judged there was a dismissive and, sometimes, superior tone and attitude attached to their responses. My negative thoughts and perceptions culminated in me thinking: What is wrong with me? Why don’t I know how to meditate? Why am I not getting it? What am I missing? What is missing within me?

I persisted. After years of trying to figure out meditation with my thinking mind, I realized that meditation it is not meant to engage the thinking mind. Instead, meditation is intended to quiet it. Still, my mind wanted to relate to some concept that would act as a directional sign. Through practice, I learned what meditation is, and what it is not.

Meditation is not:

  • Listening for what you want to hear.
  • Meant to uphold or support your thinking mind’s thoughts, stories, perceived “wrongs,” and other misperceptions.
  • An opportunity to “stew” in victimhood, anger, and other negative aspects—mentally and emotionally
  • A void you enter and can become lost in” (as I have heard it described by some people who have never even attempted to go within)

Meditation is:

  • Listening for God / listening to God
  • A way to disconnect to your thinking mind
  • A way to disconnect from negative emotions
  • A way to connect with your God Mind

Practice going within / meditating. Create your own affirmation(s). Share your affirmations and experiences.

Affirmation: As I practice going within, I Am learning to listen on a deeper level to a deeper level.

You’ve got this!

Dr. Linda Humphreys is an author, inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative-energy excavator, and spiritual cheerleader here to support others in their Inside Out Transformation®. Connect with her through her Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter



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