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The Divine Unknowing—NOT! The Human Unknowing—YES!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the term ‘The Divine Unknowing’ used in conversations and saw it in written form, I would be a very rich person. It seems to be the new popular “spiritual” buzz phrase that I hear tossed about within various spiritual/metaphysical communities. Every time I hear that term or see it written that way, something inside of me responds: NOT!

On a mental level, my thinking mind would get tied up in knots trying to figure out what the user meant by first considering the grammatical structure:

  • Is The Divine (noun = God) unknowing (adjective)?
  • Is it the unknowing (noun) divine (adjective)?

I decided to ask those who used the expression: What does The Divine Unknowing mean? After a brief period of silence, the most common answers were:

  • “I don’t know!” (Usually accompanied with a smile and/or laughter)
  • ”When you don’t know something, like what next steps to take.”

Going within, I explored why I was experiencing such a deep visceral/vibrational reaction to this term. During one meditation in particular, I asked this question, and this is what came forth:

  • The Divine knows all.
  • There is no ‘unknowing’ as it relates in any way, shape, or form to The Divine.
  • God’s got this! God’s got your back!
  • God does have a very clear Divine blueprint for your life.
  • It is the human/personality/ego that is experiencing the unknown.
  • The terms The Divine and Unknowing have two very separate and distinct vibrations.
  • Each term can be a stalemate with the other—creating competing intentions/ vibrations.
  • I am extremely sensitive to these kinds of things hence my visceral response to hearing the term used in this manner.

I then asked for more vibrationally accurate ways to express this concept while supporting a positive flow of energy toward clarity. This is what was revealed:

    • I don’t know at this moment – but God’s got this.
    • At this moment, I do not know all of the details. I do know, however, it is in the hands of The Divine to work out.
    • I don’t know all of the details at this time, but I am affirming clarity.
    • I know and trust that all is in God’s hands and will be revealed in God’s time.
    • I do know that I will know what I need to know when I need to know it.
    • I can relax because I don’t need to struggle to “figure it all out.”
    • I have a vision of the big picture. God is working out the details.
    • I don’t know—and this experience is an opportunity for me to experience The Divine in everything.
    • My decision/ability to be patient and relinquishing any semblance of control of knowing every exact detail at this time, is Divine.
    • I am open and receptive to see how God will work out the details.
    • I don’t know all of the details at this time. It will all be revealed and worked out in God’s time.

How Divine!

Affirmation: While temporarily experiencing unknowing as a human, I affirm clarity. I trust God. God’s got this. God’s got me. God’s got my back. I know all will be revealed in God’s time. For this and so much more, I Am grateful!

And so, it is!

You’ve got this!

Dr. Linda Humphreys© is an author, inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative-energy excavator, and spiritual cheerleader here to support others in their Inside Out Transformation®. Connect with her through her Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter



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