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Dark Night of the Soul—NOT! Dark Night of the Personality / Ego—YES!

I am extremely sensitive to words and energies / vibrations. “Dark Night of the Soul” is another term I hear quite often in conversations and workshops and see in written form in both traditional religious and metaphysical communities. I place this term in the same category as “The Divine Unknowing”—a term that every time I hear it uttered and see it in written form, something inside of me responds: NOT!

As always, when seeking answers to my deeper questions, I choose to dive deeper by going within. I explored why I was experiencing such a profoundly visceral and vibrational reaction to hearing that term. During one meditation in particular, I asked this question, and this is what came forth:


  • Everyone has a soul.
  • Soul is an aspect of God—God Within.
  • Souls are always—and always will be—perfect and whole.
  • Souls can never be damaged.
  • Souls can never be hurt nor harmed.
  • Souls remain intact as pure loving light energy.
  • As God Within, Souls can never experience a “dark night.”
    As a human

  • We all have a personality; an ego.
  • It is our personality/ego that experiences “dark nights.”

After these types of explorations, I then ask for more vibrationally accurate ways to express the concept and support a positive flow of energy toward clarity. This is what was revealed:

  • I am experiencing a challenge with ___________.
  • Although I am experiencing confusion and sadness, God’s got this. God’s got me.

Friendly suggestion:

When your personality/ego experiences pain, sadness, confusion—any disturbance of any kind— go within.

Affirmation: At any time, I can go within and connect with the God Light Within me. I choose inner peace. I choose tranquility. God’s got this. God’s got my back. All is well.

You got this!

Dr. Linda Humphreys© is an author, inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative-energy excavator, and spiritual cheerleader here to support others in their Inside Out Transformation®. Connect with her through her Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter



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