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Inside Out Transformation®

Identify and clear subconscious / unconscious—even conscious—energetic blocks and imbalances to clear your way to living more authentically as who you truly are and destined to become.

Life Transforming Support

Whether you are seeking your life’s purpose, experiencing challenges with financial prosperity, relationships (romantic, familial, business / corporate—even with God)—or simply want to be more open and receptive to more of all that is good—I can offer you personalized, lasered, and transcendent support. More inner peace, joy, experiencing flow, and love are available to you now.

“If it were not for the catepillar acquiescing to its True nature and immersing itself deeply within its own cocoon, the transformation to a butterfly would never occur.”

– Dr. Linda Humphreys

Inside Out Transformation® Coaching

I offer assistance in identifying and clearing subconscious / unconscious and conscious self-sabotaging mental programs, emotional patterns, and energetic blocks and balances to support you in creating and living the kind of life you always wanted to experience – a life in which every aspect of your life comes alive in alignment and support to you living more fully as you express your True and Authentic Self.

By using my finely refined skills in divining, intuitive assistance, spiritual psychology, and metaphysical counseling, I assist my clients with their Inside Out Transformation® in any and all areas of their lives including:

  • Career
  • Relationships (romantic, family, work)
  • Financial prosperity
  • Dealing with physical, mental and emotional challenges
  • Self-sabotaging mental and emotional loops
  • Negative core beliefs
  • Conflicting energetics
  • Inherited energetics

Inside Out Transformation® Groundwork Session

Based on your responses to the provided pre-session questionnaire and our conversation, we will create a path that will assist you in finding and following your “North Star.” Specific and individualized Inside Out Transformation® steps will be developed during our phone session.

*This one-time phone session lasts up to 1-hour and 45-minutes

Inside Out Transformation® Coaching

During our time together, you will be given the opportunity to focus on and receive support regarding specific issues or challenges you are facing in your day-to-day life during our in-depth phone sessions.

*Phone sessions last up to 50-minutes

Special arrangements can be made for me to visit you for in-person half-day, full-day, and multiple day sessions—for national and international clients. Let me know!

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Other Transformation Sessions

Inside Out Transformation® Coaching

Support Sessions

Corporate Assessment / Consulting / Training / Ongoing Support

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