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Inside Out Transformation®

Money Liberation

When I work with individuals, entrepreneurs/solopreneurs and ask what they want to experience related to their finances—here is their answer:

Overwhelmed with

  • debt?
  • increasing bills?
  • lack of savings?
Money Liberation Coaching
Money Liberation Coaching

Frustrated with your financial situation – even after

  • taking abundance-related workshops and training programs?
  • reading books about abundance and manifesting things?
  • trying everything you can think of to improve your financial status?
  • Affirming abundance—and still are not where you want to be financially?
  • Sensing there is a wall and blocks that are separating you from your financial goals—and don’t know where to turn?
Money Liberation Coaching

I Can Help You!

When asked to be a bit more specific, these are the top three “freedom” responses:

  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM: to freely and without undue sacrifice and hardship pay for their bills, children’s education, a new car, a vacation, while also donating more to their favorite charities
  • TIME FREEDOM: to spend more time with family and friends, volunteer, take a vacation—and not have to work so hard just to make ends meet
  • FREEDOM of EXPRESSION: to be able to feel, align with, express, and financially support their heart’s desire and their soul’s purpose

With that in mind, I have, specifically, crafted programs and offerings that can support you with:

  • Exploring how you got to where you are now—without shaming or blaming anyone—including yourself
  • Designing what it is you want to experience financially
  • Discovering what your energetic blocks and imbalance are towards receiving, generating, and keeping money
  • Becoming familiar with energetic clearing and releasing techniques to have in your new—Money Liberation™ tool kit
  • UNAPOLOGETICALLY receiving and embracing your birthright—which includes financial freedom
  • ENJOYING your life by being less inwardly encumbered with financial anxiety, doubt, and worry
    • enjoying greater “Financial Freedom.”
    • experiencing the fruits of your new freedom
  • Gaining greater CONFIDENCE as you manifest more of what you intentionally and consciously create with your new money story.
Inside Out Transformation

This is an Invitation Only Program

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I Get It!
Been There! Tried EVERYTHING !!!

I understand…

The topics of abundance and prosperity have been a long-standing source of interest, curiosity, confusion, frustration, and, ultimately, inspiration for me. Throughout the years, I have put considerable thought and energy into the pursuit of my own abundance and prosperity. I have attended workshops, read books, developed and recited mantras and affirmations, and created vision boards and ideal scenes, just to name a few.

I worked hard—really, really, really hard—
sometimes 6-7 days a week, up to 15-hour days.
I was exhausted!

Fast forward to today: As a result of doing the type of inner work I am now offering (releasing energetic blocks and imbalances – from the “inside out”) plus, by consciously constructing and creating a new money liberation vision, my relationship with money has been transformed.

As it is said: “Spirit meets action.” I did my “inner work.” Healing – INSIDE OUT TRANSFORMATION® — was the first “action” I needed to take to experience greater financial freedom.

What about you?
Ready to stop “effort-ing”?
Ready for Inside Out Transformation®
and experiencing your own
money liberation NOW?

I Believe…

$  You can heal your relationship with money  $

$  You can consciously create a new, more healthy relationship  $
with money

$  You can improve the quality of your life by experiencing less financial stress, fear, anger, and money shame, and guilt  $

$  You can get more clarity about next steps, as you  $
release non-supportive energetics and imbalances and
replace them with more loving and supportive energy

$  I can offer support to you in your journey  $

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This is for you if you are...

tired of doing it alone.
tired of trying “everything”—but are still not where you want to be.
willing to take responsibility and action-steps—perhaps even challenging yourself with thinking and taking action outside of your box—and out of your "go-to" comfort zone (which is, actually, not comfortable at all).
willing to change your energy, mindsets, and perspectives—and try a new way of both “being” and “doing.”
willing to do the work—this includes internal explorations and completing between-session assignments.
wanting to experience a new and different relationship with money.
The subconscious is the storehouse of your thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions, and experiences.

What’s in Your Subconscious?

One result of trauma and other negative experiences, is that a subconscious perseverating negative loop (mentally, emotionally, energetic, experientially) can be set in motion.

Sometimes our energy/emotions can become stuck, creating an imbalance and distortion in our energy field. Our interactions with and reactions to others – and their interactions and reactions to us—are reflected back to us. Much like a mirror, our relationships and interactions with people, situations, and circumstances—energetically and subconsciously—reflect the energetic blocks, imbalances, and unproductive negative programming we hold within ourselves. These blocks, imbalances, distortions, and negative programming can affect all areas of our lives—including our finances.

What’s In Your Subconscious?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

If negative energies and imbalances are not addressed and released, one is certain to remain in a vicious, unsatisfying, frustrating, repetitive cycle of attracting and engaging in unfulfilling, frustrating, and defeating experiences and relationships—including your financial situation and your relationship with money.

Program Overview

  • Mentoring twice per month—lasered and customized to you—and structured to make rapid monthly progress

  • Detailed, supportive, and tailored-to-you and to-your-financial goals and intentions—with suggestions and offering of guidance

  • Support with discerning the qualities you want to experience within yourself, your life—with focus on the money department of your life

  • Discovery + clearing and releasing of energetic blocks and imbalances—as it relates to you and your experience of money—so you can experience greater "flow" with delightful synchronicities—and "in-flow"—with achieving your desired financial goals and life intentions

  • Support in creating your new—more positive and empowered—money relationship “story” and experiences
  • Guidance with crafting your unique, energetically congruent, and uplifting money relationship support tools

  • When applicable, printable templates and exercise forms to use to support you with your projects and assignments—and to help you track your results

  • Guidance and one-on-one support with “next steps” creation so you are energetically—and authentically—aligned with your intention of attracting—and improving—greater financial resources and a more healthy and balanced relationship with money

  • Email check-ins during the duration of the program

Bonus #1

Inside Out Transformation® Support
Valued at $6,500
At times, you may inadvertently “get in your own way” of achieving what you desire. Sometimes you may be consciously aware of doing it. Other times, you may—unconsciously / subconsciously—be limiting yourself with your thinking, unfettered autopilot negative programming, and other energetic blocks and imbalances. This can “out-picture” in negatively affecting you by limiting—and perhaps even self-sabotaging—your experience and relationship with money. It can also thwart you from actualizing your life’s full potential.
Discover energy blocks and imbalances and...

Remove and clear what is preventing the flow of money into your life.

Clear and release limiting “money karma”—and other blocks toward financial prosperity.

Instill more heart- and soul-aligned and congruent inner energetics.

Learn tools such as creating energetically-aligned positive imagery, thinking, visioning, supportive action plans—plus …

Learn how to create practical, easy, and achievable action steps for yourself.

Bonus #2

Personalized Support
Valued at $6,500
During our time working together, you will receive specific-to-you, on-the-spot energetic assessment + clearing and releasing, as indicated. Additionally, you will receive specific support with crafting more heart- and soul-aligned energy, affirmations, and practices.
You will...

Get SUPPORT in seeing “challenges” as “opportunities.”

Learn how to seek lessons within the opportunities—to move forward with EMPOWERED energy and mindsets.

Learn to create “UNSTOPPABLE” mindsets and ways of being

Get intuitively inspired ENERGETIC clearings and support along the way.

Inside Out Transformation

What Are You Waiting For?

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Dr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out Transformation

My coaching style is very practical, direct, intuition-inspired, and often delivered in a playful manner—making the concepts and materials so simple that you will want to implement them immediately!

My signature coaching system incorporates:

  • giving attention to your energy—both conscious and subconscious / unconscious
  • identifying and addressing self-sabotaging actions—and providing tools to support you in eradicating them.
  • reinforcing and instilling more authentic, heart- and soul-supporting and aligned energy to support you with your money liberation—and possibly transforming your entire life—that can take you into an accelerated, positive trajectory.

While you are responsible for your own business and success, I promise you I will…

  • “show-up” for you 100%.
  • offer materials (i.e., resources, related materials), suggestions, alternative viewpoints, and supportive “nudging.”

I also promise you this:

I will hold you as POWERFUL even if—or when—you are not able to do so for yourself.

Still Not Sure?

Remember this:
Nothing changes if nothing changes.

What awaits you?

If you want to experience LIBERATION from paralyzing financial fear, doubts, and worries and…

FREEDOM from stress, overwhelm, financial blaming and shaming, and from other forms of self-defeating reactions and habits …


and so much more…

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Money Liberation Coaching
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