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February 11, 2020

God Is In The Details—Or Should Be Part 2: Why Actions Matter

God Is In The Details—Or Should Be Part 2: Why Actions Matter

Action speak louder than words.”
Mid-nineteenth century maxim used by Abraham Lincoln (1858)

This is the second of a series of articles that explore what—or more specifically, who—may be in the details of what we say, do, don’t do, and think: God, or not? This article will address how actions—especially in the political arena—matter—and should matter to everyone—especially those who call themselves Christians.

My first article in this series is “God Is In the Details—Or Should Be: Part I: Why Words Matter.” Some of the same discernment criteria I used there is used in this article—and will be used again in subsequent series articles. The reason for the carryover: I found the discernment criteria created is a solid tool that can be used in a variety of contexts.  

The discernment criteria will home in on the focus of the concept so there may be some changes (subtractions and/or additions)—or not.  


  • the process or state of acting or of being active: The machine is not in action now
  • something done or performed; act; deed.
  • an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity: a crisis that demands action instead of debate; hoping for constructive action by the landlord.
  • actions, habitual or usual acts; conduct: He is responsible for his actions.
  • energetic activity: a man of action. 

Actions Have Power

What we actually do carries more weight than what we say. Most parents will likely agree: I have heard quite often that children tend to do or act as their parents do and pay much less attention to verbal instructions about how to act, which makes a parent a de facto role model. Still not convinced? Time and time again while I was growing up I heard the expression, “Monkey see, monkey do.” It’s just human nature to imitate actions.

Actions Are Important

All actions have consequences.

The legal and penal systems have established consequences for those who are deemed guilty because of partaking in illegal actions. Most Christian denominations teach that we will be judged based on our actions during “The Final Judgment.”

Actions Carry Weight

It appears that actions do carry weight and are within society and religion—and tend to be qualified with quantified punishment. Within the penal system, there are various levels or gravity of crimes: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Felonies are broken down into four categories. Each level and/or category carries different terms, conditions, and length of punishment.

As a child, I was taught that there are different types and gravities of “sins”: venial (“lessor”—but still punishable in purgatory for a prescribed and finite length of time) or mortal (punishable in hell for all eternity).

Actions Transmit Energy

Simply witnessing the actions and behaviors of others seems to have an impact on us. In the field of neuroscience, there is research being conducted regarding the concept of mirror neurons. The broad concept is that when someone’s behavior is witnessed, there is a neurological effect on your brain. Bottom line: it appears that our brains mirror—and experience—energetic effects of what is witnessed.  

Actions Should Matter—Particularly as They Relate to Politics and Politicians

Elected officials are meant to be public servants—giving selfless and not selfish service. Whether the person you voted for became your elected representative or not, they are supposed to be representatives of the people.  

My question to you: What, exactly, are they representing through their actions? Respect? Fairness? Equality? Support? Or disrespect? Disregard? Inequality? Oppression?  

Additionally: Are your politicians’ actions of disrespect, disregard, and inequality representative of you? Are their actions what you uphold, condone, and want to perpetuate? As a Christian, are your elected officials’ actions—particularly and especially those who led their campaigning with identifying and proclaiming themselves to be Christians and “of faith”—in alignment with God’s teachings?

The President’s Actions Matter

Actions—especially those taken by all elected government officials—should be taken seriously and should be scrutinized. This should especially be the case regarding the actions of the highest elected official in the United States—the president.

Actions Should Not Be “Ignored”—
Especially Not the Actions of the President of the United States

With over 15,000 lies, misleading, and/or “false statements made since becoming president, obstructing truth and justice by ignoring subpoenas and encouraging others to do the same, condoning violence against journalists and perceived “enemies,” separation of families at the border, mocking a disabled journalist, admitted treatment [mistreatment] of women, Trump—with the allowance of Republican enablers—has acted in ways that are totally incongruent to Christian teachings and principles.

As I mentioned in Part I, when on Anderson Cooper 360°, Rick Santorum stated, “The reality is we [Republicans / Republican members of Congress] ignore about eighty to ninety percent of what the president says because he is doing what he is doing … we do! Look at—look at his tweets! We ignore most of those things he tweets. It is Trump being Trump.” 

Though Santorum was referring to what Trump says and/or “tweets”, are we supposed to ignore Trumps actions, too—along with his condoning Republican party members of Congress? 

“Trump Being Trump” Actions


Again, “Trump being Trump”—therein lies the problem.

Actions—Who Is in the Details? 

In Part I, I mentioned a quote I have often heard: “The devil is in the details.” The actual saying is, however, a German proverb: 

God is in the detail(s).

Regardless of the attribution, the point, I believe, is that it is God—not “the devil”—that is intended to be found in the details.

In addition to being a beautiful metaphor, I believe it can be used as a literal statement and a means to discern what—or where—the potential source of one’s details (in this case, actions) originate: from a lower or higher source?

This query inspired an inner exploration. 

Discerning the Source of the Details within Actions

Focusing on words—particularly words communicated by politicians and elected officials such as the POTUS—I decided to create a way to discern where the energetic source of “the details” originated. Here are examples of some tools I use to assist with the discernment.

First, I take a moment to become still. Next, being as objective as I can be, I ask myself these questions about the actions of the elected official—particularly the POTUS:

Do their actions divide?orDo their actions unify?
Abusive toward "others"?orNeutral-to-constructive?
Come from one's ego?orCome from care and concern?
Closed toward "others"?orOpen toward others?
Destructive and assaulting?orRespectful, supportive, and uplifting?

Put in a more spiritual / energetic context, I ask myself:

What type of spiritual or energic qualities do
I experience or feel the most regarding their actions? 

Negative, Destructive, Ego-Centric, Immature, Juvenile, Boastful, Imbalanced, Reactive, Retaliatory, Divisive, Exclusionary, Close-Minded, Not Compassionate Toward “Others,” Self-Serving, Bullying, Aggressive, Ill-Mannered, Uncooperative, Demeaning, Filled with Contempt for Social and Civil Respect and Decorum, Personal Praise Seeking, Demanding of Personal Loyalty, Lying, Ignoring Facts, Promising Things without Follow-through, Blaming of Others / Lack of Personal Responsibility and Ownership     ~~OR~~Neutral-to-Positive, Supportive, Constructive, Level-Minded, Humble, Mature, Balanced, Unifying, Grateful for the Support of Others, Open-Minded, Compassionate, Inclusive, Willing to Listen to the Counsel of Others, Seeks “Winning” for All Parties and Persons Involved, Willing to Seek a Healthy Compromise, Respectful, Self-Less, Polite, Cooperative, Well-Mannered and Respectful of Social and Civil Decorum, Loyal to Obligation to Others, Transparent, Fulfills Promises, Considers Facts, Accepts Ownership of Responsibility and Errors

The category on the left is what I would discern to be coming from a more negative, egoic, and, energetically speaking, a lower vibratory level.The category on the right is what I would discern to be coming from a more positive, egoless, or God / Spirit / Highest Power-infused energetic level.

Again, as I stated in the previous article, in a somewhat humorous, simplified, and “religious” manner, this entire process could be distilled to the following: Who would do this: the devil or God?

In that same vein and stated in another way: “Which would Jesus do?”

My Political “Who Is in the Details” Challenge to You

You always have a choice. I am simply asking you to take a moment to consciously discern and decide: Whose details / actions / energy are you supporting? Whose circle do you want to be a part of?                                                  

Bottom line:
In your own life and in your discernment process, which will you ally yourself with—your elected officials’ actions details / energy or the God-kind of infused details / energy?

My Conclusion: YES! Actions and Details Matter!

As it relates to politics, to ignore or make excuses for the POTUS’s actions is irresponsible, misguided, inappropriate, immoral—and simply wrong. The same applies to any politician and / or elected official. 

Well done is better than well said.” ~ Benjamin Franklin 

As I previously stated, the POTUS can “do whatever I want” only if you allow him to do so. Are you okay with that? Personally, I am not—and I am doing something about it by doing things such as writing this blog and taking a stand. 


God bless you. God bless me. God bless everyone. God bless America.

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