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Client Wins

“Linda’s work gave me a deeper understanding of my whole self-emotional, physical, and spiritual. Her attunement is superb and her expertise is very strong. Linda created a very safe space for me to experience extraordinary healing. She gave me very useful information about issues in my physical body and my greatest life challenges, and then cleared them! I feel so blessed to have worked with her.”

Alice Manning

“OMG, you are a miracle worker! I am going to be your best client! About 4pm I was driving to see someone and started feeling better. I was in a meeting until about 6 pm. I got out of the meeting and the pain was a 1! You nailed it. It’s the bottom left two molars that have metal. I will see whoever can get me in soonest to have them removed.

You are an uplifter and a healer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Note: Pain level began at level 5. The remote session began at 3:30pm.”

Kathy Ziegler

“Linda Humphreys is a true gift from Spirit, a channel and a powerful vehicle for healing. The experience I have had with her has cleared my emotional and unconscious blocks thus far. I wasn’t even aware to what extent I was blocked and asleep. It was obviously bigger than me and I wasn’t even able to identify the depths of my patterns and Earth curriculum to the degree she could. She easily helped me be and feel free as a result, and who knows who else in my generational line has also been affected for the better.

After my sessions with Linda, I felt light and more alive and it didn’t go away, it has remained intact, STILL! After my first session with her, in fact, I was so amazed I couldn’t wait for the next one!! It’s so crazy how I had been used to living at the energy frequency I had been at, thinking it WAS already so light and free. I had no idea. Then she told me she works with physicality too!

Holy moly! So I have recently experienced healing in my hips and legs! I can’t say enough about my awe when it comes to her.

Linda is extraordinary and aligned with the real thing. I feel so grateful over meeting her and getting to breathe and move easier and freer as a result of her gifts. I’ve never experienced such shifts on a palpable and heart level and now that I’ve found her I’m never letting her go. She’s a rare gem and her ministry of love brings forth tangible miracles.

Thank you, Linda!!”

Heather DeVore

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