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Client Wins!

"Getting Money Mindset and Business Coaching from Linda has been transformational!

Linda has truly helped me with my money mindset. I never realized the blocks that I had and Linda was able to quickly help me recognize them and work through them. A lot of the things that were coming up had to do with how completely unaware I was of the low-vibe way that I was talking about myself and money. Linda taught me that your words and how you speak are everything. Words have so much power. Linda would be laser-focused on how I was using my words and would call me out if I said anything that was less than empowering. It is amazing how someone else can see some of the habits that you have that you just cannot see for yourself. That is why it is so important to have a coach. To help you see things more clearly.

If you are looking for a coach that can help you with money, business, and life in general….I highly recommend that you contact Linda.

Linda will thoroughly walk you through exercises, visualizations, insightful coaching questions—and more—that just helps the transformations come quickly and beautifully. If you get some coaching with Linda, I feel certain that you will be able to quickly grow your business, earn more money and get specific strategies that will help you up-level your life in every way."
- Tamara Stregare
Testimonial by Tamara Stregare

Tamara Stregare

Getting Money Mindset and Business Coaching from Linda has been transformational!
“Linda’s work gave me a deeper understanding of my whole self-emotional, physical, and spiritual. Her attunement is superb and her expertise is very strong. Linda created a very safe space for me to experience extraordinary healing. She gave me very useful information about issues in my physical body and my greatest life challenges, and then cleared them! I feel so blessed to have worked with her.”
- Alice Manning
Testimonial by Alice Manning

Alice Manning

I feel so blessed to have worked with her.

“OMG, you are a miracle-worker! I am going to be your best client! About 4pm I was driving to see someone and started feeling better. I was in a meeting until about 6 pm. I got out of the meeting and the pain was a 1! You nailed it. It’s the bottom left two molars that have metal. I will see whoever can get me in soonest to have them removed.

You are an uplifter and a healer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Note: Pain level began at level 5. The remote session began at 3:30pm.”

- Kathy Ziegler

Testimonial by Kathy Ziegler

Kathy Ziegler

OMG, you are a miracle-worker!

“Linda Humphreys is a true gift from Spirit, a channel and a powerful vehicle for healing. The experience I have had with her has cleared my emotional and unconscious blocks thus far. I wasn’t even aware to what extent I was blocked and asleep. It was obviously bigger than me and I wasn’t even able to identify the depths of my patterns and Earth curriculum to the degree she could. She easily helped me be and feel free as a result, and who knows who else in my generational line has also been affected for the better.

After my sessions with Linda, I felt light and more alive and it didn’t go away, it has remained intact, STILL! After my first session with her, in fact, I was so amazed I couldn’t wait for the next one!! It’s so crazy how I had been used to living at the energy frequency I had been at, thinking it WAS already so light and free. I had no idea. Then she told me she works with physicality too!

Holy moly! So I have recently experienced healing in my hips and legs! I can’t say enough about my awe when it comes to her.

Linda is extraordinary and aligned with the real thing. I feel so grateful over meeting her and getting to breathe and move easier and freer as a result of her gifts. I’ve never experienced such shifts on a palpable and heart level and now that I’ve found her I’m never letting her go. She’s a rare gem and her ministry of love brings forth tangible miracles.

Thank you, Linda!!”

- Heather DeVore

Testimonial by Heather DeVore

Heather DeVore

I feel so grateful over meeting her and getting to breathe and move easier and freer as a result of her gifts.
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