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February 1, 2023

Tenets of Christ Consciousness

Tenets of Christ Consciousness

~ For those who seek and aspire to experience Christ Consciousness ~

As perceived/*channeled by Dr. Linda Humphreys

Note from Dr. Linda Humphreys

One very early morning, I awoke from a deep sleep. It was dark outside, and I tried to fall back asleep. I prayed, and then I meditated. While meditating, I felt a prompting to get up and write down what was coming forward.

*“The Tenets of Christ Consciousness” was what I felt was dictated for me to write. That is why I use the word “channeled”—because though the words came through me, they did not come “from” me.

Tenets of Christ Consciousness

  • God ADORES us. ALL of us.
    • God does not have a favorite or favored skin color, race, gender, culture, country, church, creed, denomination, political party—or sports team.
    • No political party, no political movement—and no person of any political affiliation—can claim God’s exclusive “endorsement”—and claim God’s “hatred” or “repudiation” against anyone.
    • To think or espouse otherwise is a fallacy, lie, and sin—and not in alignment with Christian principles.
  • God does not have a favorite name, title, or descriptor—including any gender specificity or identity.
    • Regardless of how you invoke God—even with varying names such as Spirit/Heavenly Father/Mother-Father God/Highest Power/Divine Love—the important thing is the invoking.
  • Jesus, The Christ, is a globalist. Jesus loves everybody everywhere
    • Jesus embraced those whom self-righteous people shunned, judged, and condemned.
    • Jesus embraced people who practiced all religions and people from other cultures, races, and nationalities.
  • The only model of supremacy is God. Only God is supreme.
    • The notion of any individual or group declaring and asserting “supremacy” over others is a fallacy, lie, and “sin”—and not in alignment with Christian principles.
    • Espousing that any human being is more supreme than another human being is anti-Christ–like thinking and behavior.
    • No other human, leader, politician, or other can usurp God’s supreme authority and status.
  • Emulating Christ Consciousness is a conscious choice—and practice.
    • One of the inherent by-products of being human is making mistakes, including
      • forgetting who we really are (Divine Daughters and Sons of God)—and who others are as well (also Divine Daughters and Sons of God).
      • reacting (unconscious action) rather than making—and taking—conscious, more loving actions.
  • Be compassionate, empathetic, understanding, and loving toward everyone.
    • Just as God is compassionate, empathetic, understanding, and loving with us, we must strive to make a conscious choice to be that way with and toward everyone—and within and toward ourselves.
    • There is no distinction or separation between you and “others”—because in the Christ Consciousness—we are all ONE.
  • Forgiveness—releasing others from our judgment of them and releasing ourselves from self-judgment—is vital and essential.
    • Yes—we all can do and be (within) better.
    • As always and with everything, doing better and being (within) better is a conscious choice and practice.
  • Taking ownership and personal responsibility—whenever possible—for what has happened in our personal past—and in our personal future—is also essential.
    • Relinquishing victim/victimhood identity—and seeking the spiritual lessons within everything—will assist in advancing personal healing, growth, and spiritual/energetic evolution.
    • Do not dwell in the past. Move on.
    • Ground yourself in the present while moving toward the future—and commit to making a conscious commitment to do better each and every day.
  • A Christ Conscious person is not self-righteous, judgmental, or aggressively negative toward another person or groups of people.
    • Self-righteousness and judgment are simply egoic, human reactivity in action.
    • Self-righteousness is identifying and leading with your ego.
    • Righteousness is aligning yourself with the Christ Consciousness within and throughout—and taking-action from that sacred space.
    • Judgment is between God and the individual—and will be meted out accordingly.
    • Each action (including thoughts)—and inaction—has spiritual/soul consequences.
    • Ego friction—your ego “against” others’ egos—is not a justification for negative reactivity against another.
    • Any act of assault toward another—including verbal threats; negative and aggressive, violence-laced public or private communications; and weaponized
    • attacks—are also demonstrations anti-Christ–like actions and ego-reactive behaviors.
  • All actions—and inactions—have consequences for us and others—and the planet.
    • We “reap what we sow” (karmic consequences) and as a result, all of our thoughts, words, and deeds have consequences—which we will be held spiritually accountable for.
  • Christ Conscious Christians lead with loving and consciously loving actions—toward themselves and others and all living creatures.
    • They move forward with and relate to others, and—if in a position of being a public servant or leader or both—take conscious, forward-moving actions and make conscious, forward-moving decisions while leading in a consciously loving manner.
    • Unification and upliftment while moving forward in a positive direction for others—and not divisiveness, separation, against-ness, or the villainizing of “others”—is the goal of being a Christ Conscious public servant.
    • As a servant of the public, Christ Conscious leaders set aside ego-centered personal gain—and focus on the greater good for all.
    • Christ Conscious Christian public servants stand against violence and assault—in all forms—against ALL children, all people—and our planet.
    • Public servants who are Christ Conscious resist the temptation of political pressures, threatening tactics from “special interest” groups, monetary gain, and the promise of career advancement and longevity. They serve everyone—to the best of their ability—for the highest benefit of all.
    • A Christ Conscious public servant strives to implement, endorse, and maintain basic, compassionate, and humane policies, programs, and services.
    • Christ Conscious Christians—especially public servant leaders living in a democracy—support and strive to establish—and maintain—equality for all.
    • A Christ Conscious public servant works toward protecting equal rights and strives to pave the way for the expression of democratic rights—including being supportive of voting rights—by making voting accessible and easy with unobstructed access for all registered voters.
    • All Christ Conscious Christians—especially public servants—welcome and engage in mutually respectful and cordial dialogue—without fear of violence in any form, including verbal and written postings of threats, reprisals, harassment, or retaliation.
    • If you lead with “I am a Christian”—let Christ lead your life. If you are a servant of the public—lead with Christ Consciousnesses.
  • As Christ Conscious Christians, being “pro-life” means being “pro” of all life—throughout life—and not just conception.
    • Christ Conscious Christians support and take proactive measures to provide for all children, all elderly—and other vulnerable populations in need—by first starting with the basics to help sustain and nurture thrive-ability. This includes nutrition, health care, and emotional & mental health support services—throughout life.
  • As Christ Conscious Christians, we strive to recognize and extend Love toward every person, animal, and environment—including our entire planet Earth.
    • We are temporary tenants on this planet, and as such, we have a duty and responsibility to “keep the place clean.”
    • Our goal is to leave this planet in better condition than what we were born into—on all levels and for all others.
  • As Christ Conscious Christians, we welcome (and are not threatened by) diversity.
    • Just as each snowflake is magnificent, stunning, and unique, so are your Sisters and Brothers.
    • Being consciously respectful to everyone includes respecting those who have views opposing ours.
    • We acknowledge we all have different paths, experiences, traumas, pain, disappointments, preferences, and lessons to learn.
    • We must work toward common ground and inclusiveness—not sowing the seeds of divisive separation and the creation of against-ness of “others.”
  • Not speaking a Truth—for fear of earthly egoic consequences—such as perceived loss of “power,” “influence,” or income—is just as damaging and detrimental for an individual as knowingly spreading lies and falsehoods and causing fear and separation between and among perceived “others.”
  • Invoking the name of God in the same sentence and in the context of assault-related anything—including assault rifles and firearms—is yet another anti-Christ thought and behavior and has nothing to do with God—and everything to do with the human ego.
  • The only True power is Love.
    • Love creates the space for miracles, healings, transformations, and transcendence.
    • The only authentic power is Love—and being loving—toward everyone and everything, including animals, plants, the environment, and your current residence: planet Earth.
    • Be the caretakers of everyone and everything and a model—a way-shower and “influencer”—of loving kindness and compassion toward others
    • Love—and being loving—is the only stand worth taking.

Be still.
You are my beloved Daughters and Sons—
each and every one of you.
Accept, embrace, and experience this Truth.
We—all of us—are ONE.
Be at peace within and throughout.
Blessing abound—with great love for ALL!

© 2023 Dr. Linda Humphreys
Dr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out Transformation
Dr. Linda Humphreys is a #1 Best Selling Author, inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative-energy excavator, and spiritual cheerleader here to support others in their Inside Out Transformation®. Connect with her through her Website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
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