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Meet Dr. Linda Humphreys

Dr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out Transformation
Dr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out TransformationDr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out TransformationDr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out TransformationDr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out TransformationDr. Linda Humphreys of Inside Out Transformation
After years of struggle, pain, and repeating patterns, I’d had enough. I made a commitment to myself to pursue and experience positive transformation—on all levels. This meant earnestly digging deep within and identifying unconscious / subconscious and conscious blocks, which resulted in outward experiences that reflected these blocks.

Determined to find answers that would lead to more joy, love, and inner peace, I went on a quest. My journey included becoming a student in a variety of transformational programs. This led to eventually becoming certified in multiple healing modalities.

Working from the “inside out,” I left no inner stone unturned. I merged my studies of psychology, spiritual psychology, and metaphysics to transform every aspect of my life. I identified and released internal energetic blocks, imbalances, non-supportive core beliefs, negative self-talk, draining energetics, negative inherited energetics, and limiting subconscious programming, to name a few areas of focus. Doing this work has truly transformed my life in amazing and miraculous ways—even surpassing my dreams.

Part of my inner growth has resulted in assembling an extensive “tool kit.” My kit includes skills and tools learned from the University of Santa Monica (USM)—in both Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health and Healing (CHH)—as well as techniques learned in other metaphysical science studies and training programs. I have also been inspired to create additional transformational tools and techniques.

Now, as an inner tour guide, inquisitive seeker, negative-energy excavator, and spiritual cheerleader, I assist and support others in miraculously transforming their lives. It is such a blessing to be a spiritual midwife and witness others’ metamorphoses!

It would be an honor and delight to assist you in transforming your life and support you in living your life out loud, from the inside out: feeling confident and unencumbered, being “all in,” and experiencing more joy, peace, love, and gratitude for the blessing you already are and were created to be.


Dr. Linda Humphreys
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