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July 19, 2020

Random Thoughts: Politics, Spirituality, and — Admittedly — Some Very Human Reactions

Random Thoughts: Politics, Spirituality, and — Admittedly — Some Very Human Reactions

Though I do try to come from a heart- and soul-centered place, there are times that I have very human-level thoughts and reactions.

Today, I am acknowledging and honoring my human side—the part that most days becomes sad, upset, frustrated, and cries when I watch the news—and giving that side a voice through my written words.

I make a sincere and conscious effort most of the time to catch myself. I try to view events from a “higher altitude perspective”—and view the news as well as all of those involved in making the news—as expressing a cry for help; crying for love and healing.

Sometimes, I stay in that conscious awareness. Other times, when I experience fatigue and deep sadness, I digress and have some random thoughts like these:

  • If mail-in ballots are deemed fraudulent—or if the mail-in ballots have been fraudulent—doesn’t that invalidate the 2016 presidential election results and bolster the theory that Trump’s presidency is “illegitimate”?
  • You and other family members have used mail-in ballots—multiple times. If there is so much of an issue with them, why did you participate and condone such a “rigged” and “fraudulent” system?
  • How can a bunker be inspected “two and a half times”? What is a “half time” inspection? Seriously?!
  • For someone who is obsessed with numbers and optics, how about this? Bunker “inspections”: Trump = “two and a half.” Obama = 0
  • Will someone please tell Mr. Narcy Bunker (“Narcy” = abbreviated form of narcissist—aka Trump) to stop calling people names? Thank you. Sincerely, Hegottago Votehimoutnow
  • It was one thing to have an Archie Bunker on television in my house. It is way too surreal to have his evil twin, Narcy (sometimes called Narchie) Bunker on television news every day—from the White House!
  • Biden has been criticized by Trump as being “weak” for physically distancing himself and virtually broadcasting while safe at home. Whether it was a basement, garage, attic, or kitchen, at least Biden was never in a bunker—not even “and a half-times.”
  • Mr. Pence: As a Christian, what harm would it do to actually say the words “Black Lives Matter”? You are willing to say that unborn lives matter—why not say to and about approximately one-third of the already born American population—whom you swore to uphold, protect, and defend before God and the world—that Black Lives Matter!?
  • Mr. Pence: You are quick to speak-out against “evangelical persecution.” What about unjust systemic persecution of your sisters and brothers who are Black? Words—like Black Lives Matter—do matter. Use your words! Say these words!
  • Mr. Pence: If “all lives matter,” what about the lives of our sisters and brothers in hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico? Within the prison system? In border detention centers?
  • Many of our brothers and sisters are in pain. Imagine Jesus saying to you, “Everyone is your sister and your brother. Whatever you do to each and every one of your sisters and brothers, you are doing that exact same thing to me.” What are you doing now to ease the pain of your sisters and brothers?
  • COVID-19 is not a joke. Testing for it is not a joke either. Some people insist on calling it “the Chinese flu.” Worse, our racist-in-chief called it “the Kung flu.” Because of Trump’s (and his enablers’) lack of aggressive, proactive, pro-eradication measures in the US, I think we should rename what we call what we are now experiencing in the US (the rise in the death toll and in positive tests).
  • The choices are many—which would you choose?
    • “President’s Pandemic”
    • “The Donald Disorder”?
    • “The Donald’s Disease”?
    • “The Donald’s Debacle Disease”?
    • “The Donald’s Dereliction Disease”?
    • “POTUS-45”?
    • “ID-POTUS-45”?
    • “POTUS-COVID”?
    • “POTUS-‘20”?
    • “Trump Swamp Flu”?
    • “Trump-oid Scary Flu”?
    • “The Trump-oid-that-Leads-to-Being-Unemployed Flu”?
    • Or one of “19 different versions of names”?
  • “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” POTUS: you were referring to your “reign,” administration, and enablers, right? I know that miraculous date: November 3, 2020.

On a human level, it “felt good” to express and “give voice to” what I was honestly feeling and experiencing. However, I also acknowledge that what I have shared above might “feel good”—which is a temporal feeling—and not, ultimately, for the greater good of us all. I know that for the truly higher and greater good, it is best to now temper my human side.

Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” With that in mind, I believe if I stay at the level of (negative) energy that gets triggered within me when I hear and see what I perceive to be negative energy words and actions—and complicit nonactions, especially from elected government officials—it does not serve me or others. It only places me, energetically, in a disempowered, reactionary position. I realize that when I “go there,” it is best for me to take proactive and empowered steps to not “stay there.”

Even if I lose my more heart- and soul-focused-centeredness and “go there” again (immersed in my human experience of sadness, frustration, anger, and so on)—my goal is to give myself a self-compassionate, friendly reminder: “Be aware—but don’t stay there” and “move-on and level-up.”

At this time, as Abraham Lincoln suggested, I will call upon the “better nature of our [my] Angels.” This means that now I will pause my “very human”—my “shadow side” rant—and end this with a truly more empowered, heart- and soul-centered thought and message:


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