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March 11, 2020

Setting Intentions (Part III) – Checking Within Before You Begin Anything and Everything

Setting Intentions (Part III) – Checking Within Before You Begin Anything and Everything

In addition to setting morning intentions and sleep time intentions, I set intentions that are specific and directed applications of focus and energy toward a quality, experience, and/or outcome that I want to experience prior to initiating tasks and/or experiencing certain events.

Some of the things I set my intentions for prior to commencing:

  • Meetings (quality of communications and interactions)
  • Writing letters, articles, blogs, books—and even some E-mail
  • Phone calls (i.e., business phone calls, supportive phone calls with friends)
  • Safe travel (driving and/or riding with others, airline flights)
  • Meditating / going within
  • Working with clients

By setting intentions, I become more aware, or more conscious, of my directed attention, focus, and energy. By being more aware and conscious, I am more likely to pick up energetic nuances within myself, others, the environment, and individual situations. It helps me to discern when I am more aware and conscious—and when I am less aware and unconscious.

Additionally, by becoming more conscious of my intentions, it helps me to re-establish my attention, focus, and energy in the event my attention and focus wander and my energy changes and/or dissipates. During this type of situation, re-connecting with my intention is akin to pushing my inner reset button. It helps me to attune and come into alignment with my intended goals, desired outcomes, and energy.

Setting intentions has changed the quality of my experiences in all areas of my life.

How about you give it a try?


As I set positive intentions, I Am experiencing greater positive, conscious connections with myself, others, and Spirit.

As I set positive intentions, I Am experiencing heightened clarity, synchronicities, inner guidance, and positive encounters and outcomes in all that I do.

And so it is.

You’ve got this!

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