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October 11, 2019

Setting Intentions (Part II) – Checking Within Before You End Your Day: Evening / Sleep Time Intentions

Setting Intentions (Part II) – Checking Within Before You End Your Day: Evening / Sleep Time Intentions

While in bed and prior to closing my eyes to go to sleep, I do a review of my day. I ask myself some of the following questions:

  • What are some of the spiritual lessons I learned today?
  • Did I experience my stated morning intention?
  • If yes, what happened? How did I feel?

Plus… I express gratitude for at least 10 things.

If I did not have any awareness of experiencing my morning intention—or even if I did—this is what I do next: I set sleep time intentions.

Here are some examples of my sleep time intentions:

It is my intention to…

  • have deep, restorative sleep
  • allow for the easy and gentle release of any energetic blocks and/or imbalances during my sleep
  • experience and reinforce—on any level possible—the intended quality I stated in the morning intention
  • awaken with the remembrance of any messages received during my sleep state
  • remember to state my morning intention prior to opening my eyes after waking
  • get out of bed feeling invigorated, refreshed, and with renewed energy.

As a result of practicing both morning and sleep time intentions, my experiences of getting out of bed and moving forward with the day ahead has dramatically improved. I have also noticed that I am more attentive and focused on the positive aspects of the people, things, and events I encounter during the day.


I AM surrounded, supported, upheld and uplifted by Spirit / God / Highest Power—each and every day and night!

And so it is.

You’ve got this!

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