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August 11, 2019

Setting Intentions (Part I) – Checking Within Before You Begin Your Day: Morning Intentions

Setting Intentions (Part I) – Checking Within Before You Begin Your Day: Morning Intentions

There are times I go through the day on autopilot. I get up, shower, and get ready for the day ahead. Sometimes, I do not even remember where or when certain actions took place. I go into action mode, look at the clock, and find that the day has gone by. During these times, I have asked myself: Where has the day gone?

I discovered that the question, “Where has the day gone?” is not the appropriate question to ask. I realized that a more fitting and productive question to ask myself is: “Where have I gone during this day?”

The “where” I went was within my thinking—my “head.” I went into what I call “rote mode.” The day went by because, on some level, my conscious awareness went “bye.” I checked-out within without first checking-in.

Realizing that I desired a more conscious connection to Spirit and a greater level of a purpose-filled and Spirit-infused life, I asked Spirit how to focus my energy and transform my perception of the experiences of my day. Answer received: Set intentions. More specifically, set morning intentions. (I define Intentions as specific and directed application of focus and energy toward a quality, experience, and/or outcome that I want to experience.)

Suggestion: Upon waking—and before even opening my eyes – I take a deep breath and state what I want to experience more of and/or “be” more of this day. (Example: joy / joyful, gratitude / grateful, aliveness / lively, and so on.)

State your morning intention:

My intention today is to experience more ____________and
be more ____________ today.

State your intention several times throughout the day while making your breakfast, getting ready for work, driving to work, when you first sit down to work at your desk, during breaks, lunch time, driving home, prior to dinner, after dinner, and throughout the evening. You can even state it as your intention prior to going to sleep:

My intention is to experience more ____________and
be more ____________.

What do you want to experience more of and be more of today?


I Am connected to God / Spirit / Highest Power within and throughout
in all that I think, say, and do this day and every day.
I Am grateful for my connection to God and for the awareness of my connection to God.
And so, it is!

You’ve got this!

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