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The Energetics of

Money Liberation

6 Steps for Finding and Releasing Your Blocks to Experiencing Financial Liberation NOW!
If you are challenged in the money department of life and want to improve your relationship with money—or if you feel you have hit a ceiling and want to experience personal financial insights and breakthroughs—this is the book for you.
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The Energetics of Money Liberation
Published: April 2022
Length: 214 pages

While some people seem to be “in the flow” with financial prosperity—even during and after a worldwide pandemic and economic upheaval—are you? If not, what are you experiencing?

The Energetics of Money Liberation™ ~ 6 Steps for Finding and Releasing Your Blocks to Experiencing Financial Liberation NOW! will support you in identifying—and clearing—conscious and subconscious or unconscious blocks and imbalances that separate you from experiencing being “in the flow” with money.

Based on her own Money Liberation Project, author Linda Humphreys, PhD, shares her long-time challenges, quest, and journey to heal and enhance her relationship with money.

The author’s life was miraculously transformed by the power she experienced by doing the work she shares in this book—and yours can be, too.

See The Energetics of Money Liberation™ ~ The PLAYbook ~ Support for Your Money Liberation Project for additional information and support.

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