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“The GOD Project”

6 Steps to Divining Your Way to a More Intimate & Loving Relationship with God
If you are challenged in the God department of life and/or want to improve your perception of God and relationship with God, this book is for you.
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GETTING GOD® “The GOD Project”
Published: February 2019
Length: 214 pages

Your conscious mind might “think” one answer, but how would your subconscious mind describe your relationship with God? Loving? Supportive?

Or Distant? Punishing? Elusive?

While you may profess an uncomplicated love for God, do you really—in your subconscious—hold that as the Truth (with a capital “T”) about your feelings? Or is it merely wishful thinking? Though you were taught to believe: “God is love,” “God is loving,” and “We must love God with all of our heart and soul,” do you … really?

GETTING GOD® ~ “The GOD Project”—6 Steps to Divining Your Way to a More Intimate & Loving Relationship with God offers tips, tools, and techniques to assist in identifying and clearing the way for the True Nature of God / Spirit / Highest Power to be explored, revealed, and experienced.

Based on her own “GOD Project,” author Linda Humphreys, PhD, shares her long-time spiritual challenge, quest, and journey to heal and enhance her perceived negative and distant relationship with God. Learn to how to identify and release conscious and subconscious dissonance and allow for a more enriched perception and experience of a conscious, intimate, and loving relationship with God—and ultimately with yourself and others.

The author’s life was miraculously transformed by the power she experienced by doing the work she shares in this book—and yours can be, too.

See GETTING GOD® ~ The Guidebook ~ Exploration & Conscious Connection Support for Your "GOD Project” for additional information and support.

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