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My name is Dr. Linda Humphreys and I’m looking to work with motivated entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level. The concepts in this program are so effective that they can change your business—and your life—forever!

I coach in a very practical, direct, intuition-inspired, and often playful manner—making the concepts and materials so simple, you will want to implement them immediately!

Simply let me know who you are and where to send you the
“7 Miraculous Mindsets” that can transform the way you do your life—and business—opening the way for you to start attracting higher-paying clients immediately!

Dr. Linda Humphreys

Are You Tired Of…


Over-committing your time?

Over-extending your energy?






Do You Want to…

Embrace the calling of your heart and soul?

Experience authentically expressing your life’s – your soul’s purpose through your business?

Communicate your business’ messaging with renewed forward-moving energy, clarity, and confidence—on all platforms?

Attract ideal clients to your services and/or products?

Create premium offerings?

Experience unshakeable confidence in your offerings?

Charge in a manner that is honoring your unique brilliance, expertise, and experience?

I Can Help You!

Finding your business’ TRUE, UNIQUE, and AUTHENTIC branding

  • I CAN HELP YOU discover your business’ unique SUPER POWERS—and clearly conveying that message in the market place


  • I CAN HELP YOU detect—and release—mental and energetic blocks and imbalances that separate you from being financially prosperous

Putting together your offerings

  • I CAN HELP YOU PACKAGE your unique and brilliant offerings—offering great value to your clients while liberating your time and energy

Raising your fees

  • I CAN HELP YOU with UNAPOLITICALLY CHARGING WHAT HONORS YOUR UNIQUE EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE—ending the vicious cycle of over-delivering and under-charging

Feeling Confident about Presenting Your Offerings

  • I CAN HELP YOU with presenting your offers (some people call this “selling”) and sharing the money investment part with prospective clients—with greater ease, confidence—and in a HEART-CENTERED and SOUL-ALIGNED way.

Marketing in Different Platforms

  • I CAN HELP YOU with strategizing your marketing—featuring your unique offerings and developing branding consistency with your messaging across various platforms—including detailed support with social media messaging

I am confident I can support you in transforming your business from the inside-out with

Inside Out Transformation®
Heart & Soul
Business & Money Breakthrough Coaching

Using the transformative tools of

  • transformation and spiritual psychology
  • advanced studies in areas of consciousness, health and healing
  • metaphysical sciences, counseling, and coaching
  • neurolinguistics
  • subconscious / unconscious / energy block detection with
  • energy / vibration blocks and imbalances removal techniques
  • finely attuned intuition
  • life-long entrepreneurial infused focus


I CAN HELP YOU with amazing, life-altering, practical business coaching tools, techniques, and offerings…

What is Your Business’ Unique Superpower?

Is Your Branding and Messaging Clearly Expressing It? Is Your Heart + Soul + Energy Authentically Aligned With It?

If you’re ready to stop ‘going it alone’ and move forward while:

Authentically showcasing your services and/or products...

Making a BIG impact in the lives of more clients and customers, and...

Finally feeling that you are heart, soul, and energetically aligned and on-purpose with your business...

…then say “YES!” to me coaching you and playfully assisting you with

Identifying and Clearly Expressing Your Business’ Authentic Brand


attracting your ideal clients / customers with

Your Heart and Soul-Aligned Branding and Messaging

Business Branding with Archetypes®
Virtual Workshop

Branding with Archetypes

Take a look at what we will explore together:


Discovering your unique and authentic Super Power Business Branding Archetype

including its strengths and other influences


Identifying your unique brilliance

and use it as a powerful catalyst for focusing your gifts and talents on your most profitable actions


Confidently choose your website design

and images, write attention-getting emails, sales copy and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)

We will also focus on energy renewal and flow with which to move forward while incorporating your business archetypes super powers—which brilliantly captures your authentic expression, personality—transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your business.


Half-Day VIP Experience

In this 4-hour one-on-one virtual course, together, we will discover your own brand’s authentic and unique super power and how to incorporate it into your marketing materials.

Full-Day VIP Experience

More Time Together = More FUN!! In this full-day one-on-one virtual course, we will be able to dive much deeper for greater exploration of your own brand’s authentic and unique super power and how to incorporate it into your marketing materials.


Simply fill-out this short form to be taken to your course registration. After successful registration, you will receive the
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