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December 11, 2019

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays

Consider this:

Not everyone on this planet—or in the country where you are now residing—was been born in a country with religious freedoms. Some people were born in another country that does not practice or ascribe to the Christian religion. Additionally, some people were born—in this country—into a family that has chosen not to follow or ascribe to the Christian religion and/or to the same Christian denomination as you.

People think, act, speak, look, and dress in a myriad of different ways—each with their own unique flavor and style. Additionally, every individual has their own personal spiritual orientation, practices, holidays and celebrations.

Friendly reminder: God created all of us.

To you—and everyone…

I wish you a very Merry Christmas
(honoring my spiritual orientation)


Happy Holidays!
(honoring other people’s holiday celebrations and spiritual orientations)

May you enjoy your personal celebration and honoring of the Holidays—
while respecting, acknowledging, and wishing
everyone the same.



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