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September 11, 2019

Are You a CHRINO? Are Our Politicians CHRINOs?

Are You a CHRINO? Are Our Politicians CHRINOs?

Dear Fellow Christian Americans: Citizens, Voters, and Politicians:

In the context of government leadership—especially and particularly ours in the United States, when our top leader proclaims to the heavens and to the universe, “I am the chosen one”—it should be cause for a clarion wake-up call. As a Christian, it shook me to the core and chilled me to the bone.

While some argue that it was meant to be a joke—was it really? Remember, this proclamation and self-anointing is from a man who declares things such as: “I alone…” and “Only I can…”. 

In the past, there have been many enablers and “whisperers” (politicians, lobbyists, paid spokespeople, self-proclaimed “Evangelical” and other Christian leaders, and voters) who either say nothing or feign protest and say things such as: “Oh! He really did not mean that”; “Oh he meant…”.


Or does this actually fit into the “sorry / not sorry” and “joking / not joking” category? You know what I’m talking about: after testing the waters, if there is outrage, there is a concocted attempt of “sorry” and “joking” from the above-mentioned enablers (perhaps even from orchestrated “party” speaking points)—yet silence from a “not sorry” and “not joking” spewer of the outrages.

Is God Testing You?

Christians: If you believe God does “test” us, could it all be a test?

Could be this a test of “what kind of Christian are you”? Are you a, what I will call, a CHRINO: CHRistian IName Only? Even more specifically, addressing the current makeup of the government of the U.S., are you a CHristian Republican IName Only?

I have often asked myself this question: Would I, as the early Christians did, be willing to make a stand for Christ the way the early Christians did?

While the early Christians made the ultimate sacrifice and did risk their lives in making a stand, are you—particularly Christian politicians—willing to make a stand by speaking up and taking action for (to name just a few things):

  • The safety and welfare of our children in schools?
  • Upholding background checks and establishing taking greater measures towards the control of automated weapons and magazines?
  • Humane and compassionate treatment of those seeking immigration protection?
  • Protecting our environment?
  • Securing the equal rights and protections of all of our citizens?

And are you willing to make an active stand against the supremacy of anything other than God?

If your answer is “no”, why not? Are you going to take a risk, as the early Christians did, and make a stand and actually “walk the talk”? Practice what you preach and what you are preached?

If this is all a test, how are you doing?

So What!

If the greatest “risk” to a Christian in this day and age, in speaking-up and speaking-out against a morally repugnant and apostate personality, behaviors and policies, is the possibility of being publicly “bullied” by someone whom you may or may not have voted for—I say: so what!

If you consider yourself an “influencer” and/or are running for election/re-election, by speaking-up and speaking-out against what we are currently experiencing, there may be a potential of losing some of your “followers” or voters. Again my response: so what!

I ask you:

  • Are you more afraid of the possibility of a negative potential against yourself than actually standing-up to actual negativity?
  • Are your concerns about the possible altering of your financial income more important than your faith in God as your protector, provider and Divine Source of All?
  • If you are afraid of something, what and/or who are you afraid of?
  • Is your fear more powerful than your faith? More powerful than God?

Who Are You?

Are you a “follower”—a servant of a self-coronated “chosen one” and a political party that upholds and supports a charlatan (not forthcoming with evidence regarding claims and assertions), an ego-focused self-promoting grandiose-stander (another term I have coined), a divider of people—or an apostle of Jesus, The True Chosen One, The Embodiment of Love, The Great Unifier—whom you declare, as a Christian, to love and and soul-full-ly serve?

Some of this person’s “followers” blindly follow, disregarding and turning-off their God-given reasoning skills to discern what, as a Christian, is Christ-like behavior and what is anti-Christ-like behavior and policies. They forsake their God-given vision to see facts and read factual documents. They close their God-given ears against hearing clearly outrageous atrocities, proclamations, and lies. They follow whom they are told to follow, think what they are told to think, and say, via well coordinated and orchestrated modeling of branding and messaging what to say—and how to vote. 

Here is an important question to ask yourself and ask of your politicians: what do you actually have to lose by taking a stand? Additional and equally important questions to ask:

  • What do you gain by being silent, enabling, and being a tacit approver of anti-Christian and anti-Christ-like behaviors and policies?
  • How are you serving yourself by keeping silent?
  • By keeping silent, how are you serving God?

When I talk about taking a stand, I do not mean in words only, such as: “my thoughts and prayers are with you” and just declaring you are against something. I mean: are you willing to actually take-action toward these things? What are you willing to actually risk to take a stand for Christ and Christian principles of loving, compassion, kindness—and non-bullying?

So, here I am making a stand. I am taking-action by writing articles and taking a public stand in asking tough discerning questions of myself and others. I believe that there are those that inwardly know what the spiritually and morally “right” thing to do is, yet have not taken action steps towards doing the right thing.  Why not? And if not now–when? 

The time is NOW! Again, if this is a test—how are you going to respond? By taking actions towards what you know to be spiritually right—or do nothing at all.

Benefits vs. Costs

I implore you to go within and ask the tough discerning questions of yourself regarding the type of Christian you want to be: someone who walks their talk—or not. Additionally, ask your elected officials these questions:

  • By not speaking out, what is the benefit to:
    • Myself?
    • My family?
    • Future generations?
    • The country?
    • The environment?
    • The planet?
    • My soul?
    • The heart and soul of America?
  • By not speaking out, what is the cost to:
    • Yourself?
    • Your family?
    • Future generations?
    • The country?
    • The environment?
    • The planet?
    • Your soul?
    • The heart and soul of America?

Then discern:

  • What type of Christian am I?
  • What type of Christian do I perceive my elected officials to be?
  • What type of Christian do I want to elect?

A CHRINO…or not?

God bless you. God bless us all. God bless America.

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