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May 11, 2020

Don’t Mask and Distance Your Heart

Don’t Mask and Distance Your Heart

As we are now experiencing physical distancing and mandated to wear facemasks when we go outside, enter stores, and navigate a new way of being. I have noticed something of a trend that has been very jarring – both socially and energetically.

After I park and either walk on the sidewalk to the store or wait in a line to enter a store, I have noticed a “distancing”—beyond the 6 ft of physical distancing. People are, quite noticeably:

  • averting their eye-gaze—in a distinctly opposite direction from others.
  • not willing to say “Hello”—or acknowledge others’ presence – in spite of waving and saying a, albeit, muffled “Hello” from behind their mask.
  • not willing to strike-up a conversation with others while waiting in line.

When I have shared my observations with other, typically gregarious friends, they share with me that they have noticed the same exact things.

As I shared in a previous blog, I prefer the term “physical distancing” over the term social distancing. We are, after all, unless being quarantined, meant to be physical distancing only—not meant to be distancing ourselves from being sociable, cordial, friendly, caring, and supportive, loving and interacting with others.

In Summary


Eyes smile when you smile. Even when we are wearing a mask, please wave. Say hello. Smile.

Not only can people see the smile in your eyes, they can feel it emanating from your heart. Do not mask or “socially distance” your smile—and your heart—from others while wearing your mandated mask. We all need people’s smiles—and caring hearts emanating now more than ever.

I know I do.

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