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January 25, 2019

Going Within (Part I)

Going Within (Part I)

Many years ago, I consciously embarked on a spiritual quest and kept hearing terms that confused me. Some of the terms are considered traditional or religious and have various definitions—and even more, connotations attached to them. Additionally, I witnessed some of these same terms being used by contemporary spiritual gurus who added their own interpretations. To make matters worse, teachers, authors, and presenters simply espoused and echoed the same terms while never explaining what they meant. What further confounded me is how they often used the term to define the term. In my attempt to grasp and follow what, exactly, it was they were talking about, I experienced confusion, bewilderment, and frustration as their vague and nebulous terms entered my ears and floated around in my mind lost in translation.

Going within was a term that was rather challenging for me to grasp. Here is what I have gleaned through personal quest and experience:

What going within is used for:

  • Seeking answers to queries from a non-thinking mind place
  • Connecting with your heart / your Soul / God Within / God Within & Throughout

How to go within:

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a period of time
  • Turn off your phone and any other distracting items
  • Find a comfortable place to sit
  • State your intention: to go within
  • Close your eyes
  • Relax your body
  • Relax your thinking mind
  • Take deep breathes—inhale by taking in a long and extended breath through your nose, and exhale in a long and extended breath through your mouth
  • Focus on your breath
  • Observe your thoughts—and release them
  • Be attentive to:
    • inner promptings
    • inner messages
    • symbols, colors, images

Other going within pointers:

  • Going within can span for a period of time and can become a form of mediation.
  • Some people use the term ‘meditation’ and going within interchangeably.
  • Going within be done for moments at a time—at any time—whenever you want to relax, quiet your thinking mind, and get an answer from a deeper/inner place (your Soul / God Within)
  • The more you practice going within, the more your inner answers become more clear
  • Going within is a tool used to become better attuned and to hear what many people call the “still, quiet inner voice”


  • Practice going within.
  • *Create your own affirmation(s).


I *Am relaxing, knowing that I can tap into my inner wisdom by going within.

And so it is.

You’ve got this!

*To create energetically strong affirmations, some specific wording can be beneficial. Suggestion: Begin each sentence with “I Am” or “I AM.” This is done to call forward the God / Spirit / Highest Power / I AM presence within you and align it with the God / Spirit / Highest Power / I AM presence throughout.

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