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April 19, 2022

Money Liberation™

Money Liberation™

In one of the degree programs I was part of, a requirement was to write a thesis. I had a sense of what I would write about—but to gain a deeper level of clarity, I set my intention to discover what I should write about—and I decided to go within. What came forward is what became the title of my thesis: Abundance vs. Prosperity Consciousness©.

It had been a long-time observation that there was a difference. Sure enough, after devoting my time and attention to this topic, I discovered there was a difference—a big difference—on multiple levels.

While researching and writing, I sensed that someday my thesis would become a book. When I finally began writing the book, I felt that a new title wanted to come forward. With the intention of discovering what the title would be, I did my “usge” to gain clarity: I decided to go within.

During my meditation, something came forward—and I felt as if I was being prompted to provide an answer. I felt I was being asked this: What do you want—and what do you hope people to experience as a result of this work?

My immediate response: MONEY LIBERATION!

My someday has arrived!

I am thrilled and delighted to introduce you to…

The Energetics of

6 Steps for Finding and Releasing Your
Blocks to Experiencing Financial Liberation NOW!

In Summary:

If you are challenged in the money department of life and want to improve your relationship with money or if you feel you have hit a ceiling and want to experience personal financial insights and breakthroughs—this is the book for you.

Get your copy of The Energetics of Money Liberation™ ~ now!

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