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August 3, 2020

Wearing a Mask Is a SPIRITUAL Act – NOT A Political Statement

Wearing a Mask Is a SPIRITUAL Act – NOT A Political Statement

As I listen to interviews with people who are asked why they will not wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, I have noticed their responses tend to begin like this:

  • I won’t wear a face mask, and telling me to do so is a violation of me and my constitutional rights.”
  • I won’t wear one – and you can’t tell me what to do.”
  • I won’t wear one because it is uncomfortable for me.”
  • I’m not sick, and the virus has not affected me.”
  • I’m not going to wear a mask because me [sic] and my family are not sick.”

I am struck by the across-the-board, consistently myopic, self-centered, narcissistic, and individually focused concern, emphasis, and words—“I” and “me”—most often used in every excuse for not wearing a facial mask during a pandemic. This response seems to be a total and callous, willful, and intentional disregard for others.

Mask Wearing: A Matter of Free Will?

I have even heard those invoking God and Jesus in their excuses—asserting that not wearing a mask is somehow sanctioned, condoned, and endorsed by God. Seriously?!

While God has, indeed, given us free will as it relates to our actions, all actions beget consequences. Every action—and inaction—has both energetic and spiritual consequences. “Reap what you sow” and karma are two ways of expressing these concepts of energetic and spiritual consequences.

Additionally, silence and inaction equal tacit approval. With this in mind, consider: If your loved ones balk at wearing a mask—and if you stand idly by without at least bringing awareness to them about the non-loving consequences of such actions—you, too, may experience direct consequences (by becoming infected)—and perhaps, even indirect (energetic and spiritual) consequences as well.

Attention, Everyone—Including and Even Particularly Christians (Evangelical and Otherwise):

Taking a non-loving approach toward others during the pandemic and willfully not wearing a face mask is decidedly taking an anti-Christlike stance. It is the antithesis of both what Jesus taught and the core of the teaching of Christianity: love and be loving.

It is one thing to be a narcissist—and quite another to use religion as a defense, reason, and/or excuse for your own ego's narcissism. It is never appropriate—particularly now—to invoke God and religion—especially Christianity—to rationalize, defend, support, fuel, and embolden your personal narcissism. That kind of ego-centric behavior is another "pandemic": a pandemic of religious narcissism—a spiritual plague of the worst kind—and it is spreading throughout the land.

God has nothing to do with your narcissistic behaviors. Stop using God / religion / religious "righteousness"—and self-righteousness—as your excuse and reason for not being more loving, caring, supportive, and compassionate towards your fellow sisters and brothers—especially at this time.

Declaring Yourself a Christian Doesn’t Guarantee Virus Immunity

While you may not acknowledge any consequences for refusing to wear a face mask during the pandemic, lack of acknowledgment does not mean you will be consequence-free. You may truly believe in “final judgment” and believe that even if you die from the virus, you will be “okay” because you think that you, “as a Christian, will be going to heaven.” But do you actually believe you will not be judged for willfully engaging with risky, virus-spreading behaviors, potentially being an asymptomatic carrier, and instigating the demise of health—and potential death—of others?

While you may feel that you are “washed in ‘The Blood’” and will be “protected” and will not be affected by the virus or become ill, remember that many pastors have died because of the virus—after preaching that same message to gatherings at their churches.

Do not be brainwashed into ignoring the science and the seriousness of this pandemic. Don’t let anyone or anything—live or virtual, written online, in printed publications, spoken on radio or television, opinions presented by entertainment personalities on entertainment network-produced shows that label their programs as “news,” or sermons from pulpits—prevent you from doing something supportive of others—specifically, wearing a face mask—especially during this time. Do not endanger yourself and others by thinking that you are “covered.” While you may think and feel you are immune, don’t be immune to the fact that you may be an asymptomatic carrier … which could lead to you—and others—becoming ill and potentially dying.

With the deaths of infants, children, teens, young and mid-age adults, and the elderly—and all without any “pre-existing conditions”—this affects EVERYONE!

Additionally, you may not be aware of your own pre-existing conditions. While you may think or feel you have none (as many of those who have died thought or felt)—you may actually have some. Also, by exposing yourself to asymptomatic carriers by not practicing physical distancing and/or not wearing a mask, you run the risk of activating conditions that may be dormant and become exacerbated if you become infected.

PLUS: with KNOWING that you do not know if you are:

  • an asymptomatic carrier
  • encountering asymptomatic virus carriers through socializing
  • inadvertently infecting others—especially those with known and unknown underlying conditions

and yet willfully and decidedly not wearing a mask, you are, truly, committing a “sin.”¹

True Christian principles of loving all others and caring for all others is not what I am hearing from those who are politically vocal and lead with identifying themselves as Christians (Evangelical or otherwise)—particularly some career politicians—as it relates to the issue of wearing a face mask during the pandemic.

Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

There is a difference between enabling / being part of the perceived problem and being part of the solution. I am choosing to be part of the solution by speaking up, offering positive, proactive solutions, and doing my best to be loving and compassionate toward my fellow sisters and brothers—particularly those who are physically susceptible and vulnerable during the pandemic. I request the same from others—especially from those who identify themselves as Christians.

In Summary:


¹The origin of the word sin has ties to archery; meaning “missing the mark.”

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