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March 11, 2019

Going Within (Part III): Meditation: A Mind-less and Mind-full Practice

Going Within (Part III): Meditation: A Mind-less and Mind-full Practice

In a previous blog regarding the topic of going within / meditation, I explored what meditation is and is not. In this blog, I will explore another term that is commonly used as it relates to meditation: “mindlessness.”

Quite often, people call the practice of mediation an experience of “mindlessness.” There are books, workshops, and training programs that use this term in the title of their offerings. Wanting to make spiritual concepts simple and practical, I explored how to make this concept clear—at least to me.

This is what I discovered:

  • A mind-less-ness practice—an opportunity to practice disconnecting from the head chatter of my thinking mind—creating stillness within to be open to not only perceiving God’s Inner Guidance, but also being able to clearly attune to it.

Additionally, I have come to experience meditation as this:

  • A mind-full-ness practice—After learning to quiet my chattering, thinking mind, a space was created in which I can connect with my Soul and the Soul Within everyone and everything—connecting and filling my mind with The Mind of God Within.

How about you?

If you practice meditation, how would you describe your experience?


As I Am meditating, I Am capable of experiencing both mind-less-ness and mind-full-ness while connecting with The Mind of God Within.

And so it is.

You’ve got this!

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